Since I retired from the NPS I started a small company based in the bay area that does mobile emergency vehicle up-fitting. (Seemed like a good way to support my fellow brother and sister Rangers). Now I am offering stripe kits and custom decal/vinyl work.  I am an authorized by the office of LESES to cut and print arrowheads and credential shields, or anything else…ie SAR logos
 I’ve done work for PORE, GOGA, REDW, WHIS, and ORCA. and have worked on vehicles, fire engines, boats, UTV’s and RWC’s (jet skis)
I use professional Roland DGA equipment and use only 3M engineer grade vinyl. I do all the work in house with the goal to make better fitting more durable and better looking stripe packages. My hope is to sell the kits to Parks across the country.   If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.  Please feel free to pass along my info to anyone who might be interested.