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LE Patrol Tahoe, WHIS

Custom work

Ocean Rescue Truck, GOGA

We are now making our own stripe kits!

After years of struggling with ill-fitting graphics we decided to invest in quality state of the art equipment to produce our own. We are proud to use ROLAND DGA plotters and Printers exclusively. We use quality 3M and Avery Vinyl for all our kits.

Close up of wrapped door.

Why choose us?

  • Our kits are actually custom made for each model and not the one size fits all that your’e used to.
  • Quick order time, no more waiting months to get graphics.
  • Competitive pricing: Our Standard SUV LE kit is $470
  • It includes all the striping , Arrowheads, badges and lettering
  • Our kits are a bit different than what you have used in the past, “LAW ENFORCEMENT”, the silver stripe, and the badge are all pre applied to the transfer tape and backing.

We understand that sometimes you don’t have access to a professional installer, so our kits can be applied in the field.

The hard part has always been getting the lower silver stripe spaced accurately from the green stripe. We solved this by adding the silver stripe to the backing and transfer tape of the green stripe. That means the both the green and silver stripes go on at the same time and are spaced perfectly.

The kits are precut for each vehicle panel and include reference tabs that line up with the panel gaps.  They also overlap each panel gap by 1″ to allow for wrapping around the panel/door edges.  

Need something custom?

We can help

Switch panel for Sprinter van build up.
Rescue Water Craft, GOGA
Ocean Rescue UTV, GOGA
Ocean Truck, GOGA

We can cut any shape, lettering in any color you want. Just give us a call to start designing.

How to order

Call us with vehicle info and we will work with you to get you exactly what you need. (415) 233-1128